Employee Referral Program


At Avila IT Services, we strive to find and hire the best talent available — people who exude our values and choose to contribute to our company goals. We believe that our existing employees, who already meet these criteria, are in a great position to help us find the best job candidates. We recognize that current employees are likely to refer only those individuals best suited to work at our company, and therefore we wish to reward them for their referral effort Positions We are accepting employee referrals for the positions in the following link.

Current Jobs


We provide the following incentives to thank our current employees for providing referrals:
  • $5 for any referral at the time the job seeker applies to the qualified position.
  • $100 bonus for a referral that is subsequently hired by the company.
  • $500 bonus for any referred new hire who completes their 90-day orientation.


The rules below help ensure that you get credit for qualified referrals:

  • Candidates must state that they have been referred by you at the time they complete their application, or you must notify HR before the pending referral.
  • Candidates must be minimally qualified for the position you refer them based on the job description.
  • You must be employed by Avila IT Services in order to receive a referral bonus payout.


You can request referrals from business colleagues in one of several ways. You can send them an email with the job link. Similarly, you can send the link via text or social media. As long as they apply using the link sent in your communication, their application will flag you as the referral source. Otherwise, please notify HR as soon as you’re aware that one of your referrals has applied to the company so that you get credit (and potential reward) for that referral.